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Aggressive Driving

Aggressive maneuvering or “racing” on the road is considered a traffic offense in Virginia, and the consequences can be potentially serious. Serious traffic violations in Virginia can put many demerit points on your driving record. If you already have accumulated points from previous traffic offenses or have a DWI conviction, you could even look at the possibility of losing your license.

Working with an experienced lawyer can help ensure that your best interests are protected. Defense attorney Mark Nicewicz works with individuals throughout the Fairfax area who face serious traffic violations, DWI charges, reckless driving and related offenses.

Aggressive Driving Defense

Racing is a common term used for aggressive driving on roadways. Racing can occur between two vehicles or multiple vehicles. If you are pulled over and viewed as being an aggressive driver, you could face a significant traffic violation or even a ticket that could get enhanced to reckless driving.

In Virginia, aggressive driving is considered a criminal offense and can be punishable by significant fines or even jail time. When you work with attorney Mark Nicewicz, he will take initiative in reviewing the details of the traffic stop and see if there are opportunities to minimize the potential consequences or charges.

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    Driving A Vehicle Not Under Control

    Virginia has very specific laws regarding driving, and offenses involving serious traffic violations often require the attention of an attorney. There are very specific codes pertaining to reckless driving, driving vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and more.

    You need someone on your side who understands the potential severity of the consequences of driving a vehicle not under control and who will take action in protecting your rights. Defense lawyer Mark Nicewicz has more than 25 years of experience representing clients in the northern Virginia area. He has particular experience with serious traffic violations, including reckless driving, drunk driving and more.

    When You Aren’t In Control Of Your Vehicle

    When you don’t have control over your vehicle, you can cause accidents that result in serious injuries — or even death. Here are some factors that can affect your ability to be in control of your vehicle:

    • Use of drugs or alcohol
    • Inattentive driving
    • Reckless driving
      • Texting and use of electronic devices
    • Failing to follow traffic signals

    If you face a serious traffic violation, having an experienced attorney on your side can directly impact the outcome of your case. Mr. Nicewicz is highly knowledgeable of criminal laws, Virginia driving codes and how a driving offense could affect your future, your driving privileges and more. He is ready to take action in aggressively protecting your rights.

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    Driving Too Fast For Conditions

    Speeding tickets and related traffic offenses in Virginia are not handled lightly. You could get a significant number of points put on your driving record if you get a ticket and do not take action in protecting your rights.

    Attorney Mark Nicewicz has more than 25 years of experience and is ready to go to work for you, today. He handles criminal defense matters and serious traffic offenses throughout Northern Virginia. Mr. Nicewicz has a proven reputation in the courtroom and understands the unique challenges his clients face. When you are represented by him, you have a strong advocate standing by your side who will be relentless in his pursuit to protect your rights.

    Speeding And Driving Too Fast For Specific Conditions

    The consequences for speeding are not something to be taken lightly. Speeding beyond a certain number of miles could even be considered a reckless driving offense. Your speeding ticket can also be enhanced if you were speeding in conditions where there was a required speed reduction, such as in a school zone or a construction zone. You can also face enhancements in highway safety corridors.

    Some driving offenses in Virginia can be punishable by a criminal conviction, such as reckless driving. Attorney Mark Nicewicz may be able to get criminal charges dropped or reduced to help avoid a criminal conviction and get a much less serious punishment.

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    Improper Passing

    There are certain roadways where passing a vehicle is allowed. However, failing to pass a vehicle (or multiple vehicles) properly can lead to a serious traffic violation that could hurt your driving record. When you are represented by a criminal defense lawyer, there is a much better chance that you won’t lose your license, and you can minimize the number of points that end up on your record.

    Traffic ticket defense lawyer Mark Nicewicz has more than 25 years of experience representing clients throughout the Fairfax area who face traffic violations, issues concerning DWI and more. When you have a traffic ticket for a violation that could potentially be a lot of points on your record, you need someone who understands the court system and what potential defense strategies can be used.

    Improper Passing And Traffic Violations

    Attorney Mark Nicewicz handles traffic violations involving:

    • Improperly passing a school bus
    • Improperly passing on a highway
    • Improperly passing into a turn lane
    • Improperly passing into a crosswalk or bike lane

    The penalties for reckless driving and other serious traffic violations are much more serious than most people expect. Attorney Mark Nicewicz will investigate all aspects of your case, including the details of the ticket and arrest (if applicable). In his legal tenure, he has maintained a successful track record handling traffic violation cases and is ready to use his knowledge to help protect your interests.

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      Leaving The Scene Of An Accident

      If a there is a car accident which results in property damage or personal injury, all persons involved in the accident are typically required to notify law enforcement and provide driver contact information. Failure to do so, or leaving the scene of an accident, has serious consequences. If you face a serious traffic violation or a criminal charge because of leaving the scene of an accident, you need aggressive legal representation.

      A. Mark Nicewicz, Esq., Attorney At Law, offers clients more than 25 years of experience. He is an established criminal defense lawyer who handles a broad range of serious traffic violations and traffic offenses. He has a proven track record and is ready to protect your rights.

      Leaving The Scene Of A Hit-And-Run Accident

      Leaving the scene of an accident can be a very serious criminal offense — especially if a pedestrian, bicyclist or another motorist was seriously injured or there was significant property damage.

      If you are under investigation, have received a traffic violation, or been charged with a criminal offense for leaving the scene of an accident, you need experienced legal representation. Mr. Nicewicz has been successful in representing individuals facing offenses involving hit-and-run accidents, leaving the scene of an accident and more. He is ready to fight and protect your future against a criminal conviction.

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      Improperly Passing A School Bus

      A driving violation that occurs in a school zone or with a school bus can have extremely harsh consequences for your driving record. If you have previous violations on your record, you could even be looking at possibly losing your license or facing criminal charges for what normally would be a minor traffic offense.

      Even if you don’t think you need a lawyer to deal with your traffic offense, it is in your best interests to discuss the details of your situation with experienced legal counsel. Attorney Mark Nicewicz offers his clients more than 25 years of experience in criminal defense law and traffic violations issues.

      Illegally Passing A School Bus

      Over the past few years, initiatives have been taken to enhance school bus safety and make the consequences for illegally passing a school bus much more serious. Stop arm violations, speeding in a school zone, failing to stop at a crosswalk where school busses are located, and other violations can seriously impact your driving record.

      Mr. Nicewicz will investigate the details of when you got the ticket, the potential consequences, and explain what options you can pursue to help the situation. He is extremely familiar with driving codes in Virginia and has extensive experience working with clients who face serious traffic violations.

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        Reckless Driving

        Driving in a manner that endangers life, limb, or property can result in a traffic stop and a citation for reckless driving. However, in Virginia, you are unable to simply pay the fine. Rather, you must appear in court for sentencing trial.

        At the law office of A. Mark Nicewicz in Fairfax County, northern Virginia. residents, students, and out-of-town visitors receive experienced and skilled defense against traffic violations and criminal charges. Contact attorney Mark Nicewicz to schedule a free confidential consultation.

        Penalties for Reckless Driving in Fairfax, Virginia

        With many commuters passing through northern Virginia on a daily basis, excessive speed is a common problem on our roadways. Reckless driving, a serious traffic violation, is constituted by a number of factors, including:

        • Driving more than 80 mph or driving 20 mph or above the speed limit
        • Causing or contributing to an accident
        • Weaving in and out of traffic
        • Failing to stay within a lane of traffic
        • Careless and imprudent driving

        Many reckless driving citations are given to drivers who simply are trying to arrive at their destinations as quickly as possible. In Virginia, it is important to note that exceeding the posted speed limit by 20 mph or more constitutes reckless driving.

        Reckless Driving Defense for Fairfax, Virginia Motorists

        Reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor offense that can result in up to $2,500 in fines, a six-month driver’s license suspension, and up to a year in jail. Further, six points will be added to your driving record for the criminal violation (if licensed in Virginia). By working with traffic ticket defense lawyer Mark Nicewicz, you may be able to save your driving privileges and minimize the consequences of your citation.

        Fairfax Traffic Violation Attorney Representing Out-of-State Drivers and Students

        Out-of-state drivers are subject to similar penalties as Virginia residents cited for driving in a dangerous manner. They will be liable for fines and potential jail time. While the Virginia courts cannot suspend your out-of-state license, Virginia may suspend their right to drive within the state.

        Not only will this cause great hardship for commuters, it may impact their license in their own states as well. Additionally, Virginia will not assign points to an out-of-state driver’s record, but he or she may receive points from his or her home state. A driver’s home state may assign points to the license, or choose to suspend the license and driving privileges, as examples. The law office of A. Mark Nicewicz can help protect your license and privilege to drive.

        Free Confidential Consultation

        At the law office of Mark Nicewicz, you will find experienced and aggressive representation to protect your rights and to fight traffic violations and driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges. Contact the firm at 703-319-8187 to schedule a free confidential consultation with an attorney with over 25 years of legal experience.

          Reckless Driving Offenses And Penalties

          The Virginia legislature has taken a strong stance when it comes to the penalties that can be assessed to someone who is guilty of reckless driving. In the Code of Virginia, there are currently over 20 sections pertaining to defining reckless driving and the different penalties. Since it is a Class 1 misdemeanor criminal offense, it is not just a traffic infraction or a speeding ticket.

          This is why you need Fairfax County attorney Mark Nicewicz on your side. With more than 25 years of experience handling serious traffic offenses, including all forms of reckless driving, he can help you minimize the consequences you may be facing, including fines, jail time, higher insurance rates, suspension of your license, and damage to your reputation.

          Contact attorney Mark Nicewicz today to schedule a free confidential consultation.

          Reckless Driving Penalty Defense Fairfax County Attorney

          A person charged with reckless driving, including out-of-state and foreign (e.g., Canadian) drivers, will have a permanent criminal record that will be indexed in the NCIC criminal database if convicted of this type of offense. For Virginia residents, the conviction will also be added to a driving record for 11 years, and six demerit points will be applied, which will adversely affect insurance rates and ability to switch policies. The penalties are even more severe if you have prior convictions for any type of traffic offense, especially other reckless driving infractions.

          Attorney Mark Nicewicz will explore every detail of your case to see if the police acted properly when they pulled you over and if your actions rise to the level of reckless driving under current law. In some cases, he may be able to get the charges dropped or reduced to the lesser-included offense of improper driving, which is not a criminal conviction and caries much lighter penalties.

          Having an experienced lawyer on your side can be the critical difference in these types of reckless driving cases. In order to have a reckless driving charge reduced to improper driving, an application can only be made at trial for this change since a law enforcement officer can only write a ticket for reckless driving. Attorney Nicewicz has more than 25 years of experience handling these types of cases. He will fight hard to protect your rights and driving record.

          At the law office of Mark Nicewicz, you will find experienced and aggressive representation. Contact the firm at 703-319-8187 today to schedule a free confidential consultation with an attorney who is committed to helping you.

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