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drunk driving defense lawyer

Have you been charged with a DUI? Perhaps you’re looking for someone who can prevent the loss of your driving license. Or maybe you want someone who can help you avoid a permanent criminal record to protect your professional life.

If so, it would be best to hire a professional drunk driving defense lawyer.

A reputable DUI attorney will review whether your rights are upheld and protect you from police abuse or over-reach. Also, they’ll investigate your case, preserve all the evidence and advise you on the likely outcome of your trial. Even better, your lawyer will ease your mind and help you cope with fears of facing trouble with the law.

Are you still unconvinced if it’s necessary to hire a drunk driving defense lawyer when facing a DUI? If yes, keep reading to learn more about the reasons for hiring a DUI attorney.

They’re Experienced

DUI cases are complicated and devastating. They require experience and a proper understanding of the legal system to be handled correctly. That’s why hiring an attorney is invaluable if you want to win your case.

Good lawyers understand the standards, DUI laws, and requirements needed for a drunk driving trial to be successful. Having dealt with similar cases for a long time, they know the turns and twists that might pop up when handling a DUI case. More so, the skills and expertise they acquire during work help them to analyze and thoughtfully present your case.

As a result, your case might end up in dismissal, saving you time and costs you’d have spent in the courtroom. And if you don’t win your case, a skillful lawyer negotiates for reduced charges or minor consequences.

Avoid Testing Requirements

If you’re caught driving while drunk, you take random urinalysis testing to determine your blood alcohol levels. You visit a testing facility once a day to determine if you’re required to test. If you miss going for the test, you can your license or even end up in jail.

Testing requirements can be expensive and time-consuming. So it can be difficult to adhere to them if you’re financially unstable or have limited time. Don’t forget during a DUI trial; your license is suspended, so making appointments can be hard because of transportation issues.

However, you can avoid these testing requirements with a reputable DUI attorney. Your lawyer will negotiate with prosecutors to ease penalties to remove the testing requirements.

Future Employability

A DUI can go into your criminal record and tarnish your reputation if not dealt with properly. This will have adverse effects on your current employment and the jobs you’ll apply for in the future. To protect your professional life, ensure you hire a DUI attorney if arrested for driving while drunk.

Your attorney will do everything possible to minimize your charges so that you don’t have a criminal record. You’ll pay hefty fines or serve community service to keep this information private.

Keep Your License

After being arrested for a DUI, your driving license is immediately suspended till further notice. That means you can’t drive at all during the period you’ll be going through court proceedings. Depending on your DUI, your license can also be revoked.

But with a good DUI attorney, rest assured to keep your license after the case is over. These lawyers use solid and convincing evidence to reduce your punishment to protect your license from dismissal. They can also defend your case when it’s in front of the state’s department of motor vehicles, and you get your license back.

However, without a DUI attorney, your can risk getting your license dismissed or suspended for about a year since your case is over. You and your family will suffer this way, especially when going to school or work because you can’t drive them. Don’t forget, if this isn’t your first traffic offense, chances are you’ll lose your license.

To avoid all these, it’s wise to hire a DUI attorney immediately after you’re arrested for drunk driving.

Avoid Ignition Interlock Devices

Installation of ignition interlock devices in your car is mandatory if you’re guilty of DUI. These devices are installed to blow into them before you get into them. If you overlook this procedure, know your car won’t start.

Also, they’re very embarrassing and can cause significant worries to your passengers. That means they might ruin your business if your car is used for commercial purposes. They’re also very expensive, and you’ll be responsible for buying and installing them in your car.

If you hire a DUI attorney to help you with your case, they’ll ease your penalties to get this requirement expunged.

Avoid High-Risk Insurance

If you’re found guilty of DUI, your insurance provider charges you higher premiums than other drivers. This is because they believe you’re at risk of causing car accidents than others.

You pay these premiums for at least three years after receiving a DUI so they can put you into financial distress. To protect you from the burden of paying huge risk insurance premiums, your DUI attorney negotiates for lesser charges. This way, you’re protected from having a criminal record, and your case information is kept private.

Depending on the terms and conditions of your DUI case, you might even lose your insurance coverage. But with, a good lawyer can help navigate your coverage options to ensure you remain insured and eligible to drive.

Limit Probation

Just like with other criminal cases, it’s mandatory to report for probation for at least ninety days if you’re guilty of DUI. Probation is embarrassing, expensive, and disrupts your schedule. But with a reasonable DUI attorney, it’s easier to waive probation.

Your attorney will strive to minimize your charges to save you the hassles associated with probation.

Hire a Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer Today

DUI cases are complex and require professional skills and expertise to be handled correctly. Hence, hiring a lawyer is the wisest decision you’ll make if you face a DUI. Above are reasons why it’s crucial to hire a drunk driving defense lawyer.

Are you looking for a DUI attorney in Fairfax County? At Nicewicz Attorney At Law, we can help you. We’re experienced and work diligently to ensure you win your DUI case.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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