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Every year, almost 2 million people become a brutal target of a road traffic accident. However, even if these statistics are gut-wrenching to keep anyone sober, some people still commit various types of traffic offenses, putting their driving freedom and potentially their lives at stake.

Furthermore, even if there are people who drive carefully, there can be unfortunate instances where they commit a traffic violation and get a traffic ticket. So it is always better to stay in the loop with the updated and most common traffic offenses so that you consciously avoid committing traffic violations and dodge that potential ticket.

Following are five types of traffic offenses everyone should avoid at all times.

1.   Driving Without a License

First and foremost, the most common traffic violation made by people is driving without a license. Mostly it happens with young adults who are legally not eligible to drive because of their age. However, other times it is carelessness on people’s part to have forgotten their license, misplaced it, or worse – have it confiscated because of a traffic violation.

Many people don’t realize that driving without a license can have them fined and even imprisoned, depending on how they were caught. While the simple offenses are heard in the magistrate’s court, major offenses like driving with a disqualified license can send you to prison without a second warning.

2.   Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is more like an umbrella term for many different types of driving offenses coming under one. That is also why it is one of the most commonly committed traffic violations. The term is mostly used when a driver commits several traffic offenses like speeding and running a red light while drunk and without a license. This places the driver into the danger zone, which means that they are dangerous to other people on the road.

Hence, penalties for reckless driving are just as severe too. From charging huge sums in the form of tickets to a serious criminal offense in certain states, reckless driving is not taken easily in the US. The whole idea behind it is that most criminals engage in reckless driving in order to escape a crime scene. Hence, if you are convicted of a reckless driving offense, it is a crime recorded against your name.

3.   Drunk Driving

Coming third on our list of the most common types of traffic offenses is drunk driving. If reckless driving wasn’t serious enough of an offense, then drunk driving is severe in its punishment because of the potential devastation it may lead to.

That’s why many major advertisement agencies, news channels, and even common media interests like movies and video games issue a disclaimer to never drink and drive. In addition, people who are convicted of the drunk driving offense can face license disqualification, vehicle suspension, and even community-based orders sentencing them to imprisonment of up to two years.

4.   Running a Red Light

Even though it is one of the most commonly committed traffic offenses worldwide, running a red is not as serious of an offense. However, following the traffic rules and avoiding committing any sort of traffic violation is an ethical and moral duty of every responsible citizen of the country.

Also because multiple warnings issued in your name and on your license may eventually lead to a bigger charge which you would want to avoid in the first place. Furthermore, running a red light offense also depends on the situation you are caught in the act. Sometimes an emergency can be the reason for running a red light that can save you from hefty fines.

5.   Speeding

Lastly, we all are well aware of speeding tickets and how easily one can be charged against your driving record. That’s why most people understand the repercussions and avoid speeding, making it the last one on our list.

Although you’ll technically not end up in jail for speeding, the maximum penalty is a six-month suspension notice if you are caught in recurring acts of speeding. In fact, an accumulation of such charges can lead to a lifetime license suspension because of the threat you impose on the traffic flow and general public.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, now that you are well aware of the most common types of traffic offenses, you will make sure to avoid committing any of them. However, if you do find yourself in a traffic offense scenario leading up to a case, it is better to have a traffic offense attorney by your side.

Mark Nicewicz understands the fear and anxiety that comes with an arrest and the prospect of losing your driving freedom. He understands Virginia traffic laws and penalties and the importance of protecting the rights of individuals.

Contact the firm today to schedule a free, confidential consultation with a traffic offense attorney who is committed to helping you.

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