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Importance of Hiring a Traffic Offense Lawyer

Traffic Violation Officer

A little refresher for your memory, Virginia recently passed a bill for traffic violations regarding minimizing racial disparity issues in the Commonwealth. Effective March 1st, 2021, primary traffic violations were downgraded to secondary traffic violations due to this bill.

All Virginia traffic violations fall under either of the two categories:

Serious traffic violations and offenses may have you pull over and issue a ticket totalling a large sum of money. For example, speeding tickets, reckless driving, etc.

Secondary traffic violations are minor road offenses that cannot lead to you getting pulled over. For example, driving without a seat belt or having a headlight out of order, etc.

Over the years, Virginia state laws have increasingly emphasized the citizens categorizing their traffic violations accordingly. But it has always led to further confusion than clarity. Therefore, making it even more important for everyone to consult a traffic offense lawyer right away if they are pulled over for any of the now deemed secondary traffic violations if they aren’t sure about their offense.

So if you are doubtful that you really need a traffic offense lawyer in Virginia, the answer is yes. Here is why it is important to have a traffic offense lawyer at your back.

Negotiating Fines

As per recent facts and figures, Virginia lands at the second position, with almost 16% of drivers getting speeding tickets. In fact, the percentage rate of drivers that get caught for speeding in Virginia is 34% higher than the national average. Considering an average speeding ticket in Virginia can come with a price tag totaling $350-400 with taxes and other fees, the fines are just too high.

Hence, depending on the case you make and the ticket charged against your name, it is important to have legal expertise and aid to negotiate fines and charges to reduce the total penalty. In fact, if you draw up a strong defense in your favor, you can even walk free of all charges with your case withdrawn.

Requiring Evidence

There might be cases where you’d want to contest your speeding ticket. But not only are speeding tickets hard to beat, but they also require proper evidence if you want to prove that the ticket was unjustified.

A well-trained traffic offense lawyer will be able to gather strong evidence in your favor to prove that the charges are unjustified. As traffic offense lawyers have years of experience, they can save your time and effort in looking for the right evidence.

Dismissal of All Charges

If you already hired and suffer through a traffic offense then your job is on the line. Furthermore, if you search for a reputable job, then a lost license won’t land you any. Believe it or not, but Commonwealth state laws can be this strict and severely punishing.

Because an experienced traffic offense lawyer would be already aware of such serious repercussions, they would put their best foot forward for your case to have all charges dropped. Dismissal of all charges doesn’t come easy, but chances of it happening with a lawyer are more than without.


Time is of great essence, especially when it comes to legal matters like traffic violations. Therefore, it is better to be quick and efficient in making a decision and making it right. Otherwise, the other party involved may have you convicted in no time.

Hence, inevitably the better choice here is to have the services of a traffic offense lawyer at your disposal. The traffic offense lawyer can make the necessary judgment and make it right, but even the court prioritizes the cases represented by professions instead of unrepresented claimants.


Many people might consider hiring a traffic offense lawyer an added expense into a potential list of charges. However, an experienced legal professional like a traffic offense lawyer is a money-saving proficiency in the long run.

For example, defense attorney Mark Nicewicz offers the first consultation for free. Similarly, many different law firms offer great money-saving deals for a long-term contract. This means that in addition to money-back guarantees, money-saving deals, and reduced charges, you might end up with a cleared record.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, now that you have grasped the updated Virginia traffic laws and how they work, as well as the reasons why a traffic offense lawyer is important, you will likely hire one as a part of your legal team.

Attorneys at Nicewicz understand what you are up against. If you are looking for a well-trained, experienced, and highly qualified traffic offense lawyer in Virginia, then Nicewicz is just one call away.

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