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7 Major Benefits of Hiring a Virginia Traffic Attorney

virginia traffic attorney

Every year, the police stop more than 32 million Americans for violating a traffic law. Sometimes, it’s reckless driving, other times, it’s a mistake or the person simply didn’t know better.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t affect the consequences — which can be serious for certain violations.

If you’ve found yourself in trouble in Virginia, hiring a Virginia traffic attorney could make a huge difference to your case. Read on for all of the advantages of doing so.

1. It Saves Time

The court will always give priority to legal representatives as a courtesy. If there are multiple cases that have to be seen that day — and there can be a lot — they will give the preference to someone with a lawyer.

Not only that, but you might find yourself in trouble because you can’t make the court case. An accident might happen, or you might be stuck at work.

A traffic defense lawyer will save things from getting dragged out for too long by showing up for you. That way, you know you always have a back-up if the worst were to happen.

2. It Might Save You Money

You might think there are no affordable traffic lawyers in Virginia for you. Lawyers do cost money, and the thought of paying that might be more than you can bear.

However, think about the fines you might end up with if you represent yourself. People with lawyers generally get lower penalties because those lawyers know how to navigate the law and negotiate for the lowest possible penalty.

In the end, your lawyer fees might actually be less than you’d have to pay if you represented yourself and got hit with a huge fine.

3. They Will Prove Innocence

A traffic ticket defense attorney knows the ins and outs of the laws surrounding traffic. They know the loopholes in the law that might actually prove your innocence, and they know what you were allowed to do and what you weren’t.

Chances are, you simply don’t know the laws as well as they do. Even if you think you do, there might be a lot you’ve missed.

A lawyer will look carefully at your case and find out if they can prove your innocence and get you out of the charge altogether. If it’s at all possible, a professional traffic attorney is the one who’s going to manage to do it.

4. Bring Down Premium

A lawyer is also responsible for negotiating with your insurance.

Chances are, if you’ve violated a traffic law, your insurance is going to increase your premium — and this is just another way a lawyer could save you money. They can talk to your insurance and try to bring down the premium.

You might have previously thought that there was no way to avoid the dreaded increase in insurance that comes after an accident for which you were at fault, but that’s not true.

5. Negotiate Better Penalty

If your traffic defense lawyer can’t prove your innocence, they may at least be able to negotiate a better penalty.

There are a number of consequences that can come with a traffic violation. There’s even a possibility of jail time if you’re a repeat offender or it’s particularly serious.

In this instance, you’ll definitely want a lawyer to try and negotiate the penalty. If you’re definitely at fault and any judge can see it, it’s time to let a professional handle things. Trying to represent yourself could only end in disaster.

6. Clean Image

Points on your license are a pretty common penalty for a traffic violation. How many points depends on the violation, and if you’re a repeat offender or not.

A clean image can be very important. If you get a certain amount of points in Virginia, consequences start to happen, and after 18 points in 12 months (or 24 in 24 months), your license will be suspended for 90 days. This could be detrimental to your life if you need your car to get to work.

You might even have a job that requires driving, and specifies that you must have no more than a certain number of points on your license.

Either way, if you need your image cleaned up — or don’t need more added to it — a lawyer can try and ensure this happens.

7. They Understand the Process

The main reason to hire a Virginia traffic attorney is simply that they understand the process in a way you don’t.

They’ve been trained to do this, have lots of experience, and have presumably been successful in many cases for their clients. If they specialize in traffic violations, they know the laws in and out and will work hard to get you a lower penalty and premium on your insurance.

If you try to represent yourself, chances are, you’ll miss a lot of things that a lawyer simply wouldn’t.

Hiring a Virginia Traffic Attorney Is Very Beneficial

If you’ve been thinking about hiring a Virginia traffic attorney, that alone is a sign that you might need to. If you don’t understand your case very well, are a repeat offender, or are worried about the penalty, talking to a lawyer is a good start.

They can explain your options and the potential consequences, and then you can decide if you need representation in court.

If you have a traffic violation and need a traffic attorney in Fairfax, VA or in any county in Northern Virginia(i.e. Prince William, Loudoun, Alexandria, Arlington, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Warren, Clarke), contact us today. Your first appointment is free of charge so you can decide if this is the route you want to take.

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